March 22, 2017

Terms of Use

Payment of the attached invoice, whether through debit/credit card, check, or bank draft, authorizes us to process the transaction in the amount specified. You further agree to accept our terms that the list will be used one time, as specified, and not duplicated, transferred, or retained in any manner or form.

Gemstone Data guarantees its lists to be above industry standard and accuracy. We will replace data that is below 95% postal deliverability and 85% phone connection rate upon submission of a report, we do not guarantee emails. Gemstone Data will make every effort to ensure the data criteria meets industry standards on all orders. Customer understands that Gemstone Data flags and scrubs all lists for Federal Do-Not-Call, and Cell Phones, and that there are separate Federal and State Do Not Call (DNC) lists. It is however the Customers responsibility to ensure that all lists are DNC (Federal and State), TCPA, and otherwise compliant. Gemstone Data cannot be held responsible or liable for any illegal use of the marketing lists provided. All Sales are Final and all fees paid to Gemstone Data are non-refundable.