January 3, 2018

B2C Telemarketing Lists for Sale

Telemarketing offers some attractive benefits for businesses. Done well, with an effective script and knowledgeable telemarketing staff, B2C cold calling can dramatically increase your reach and give you access to new potential customers, creating an instant rapport with prospects in exactly the demographics you’re looking to reach.

What can our telemarketing phone lists do for your business?
Telemarketing gives you the chance to answer common questions about your products and services, and accurate telemarketing phone lists help you to reach a wider geographic area than you’d get with in-person sales calls. Plus, since you can generate hot leads and appointments using effective telemarketing, it’s easy to measure how successful your cold calling campaigns are. Both B2B and B2C telemarketing offer measurable results and help you build your lead lists.

At Gemstone Data, our B2C telemarketing lists give even the smallest businesses the opportunity to expand their geographic reach and get in touch with new prospects who fit the demographics and criteria you need to target. Also, working from consumer telemarketing lead lists gives you the opportunity to find out right away what the prospect’s needs are and how your product or service can meet those needs.

As a sales method, B2C telemarketing lists are ideal for reaching large numbers of people who fit the criteria you choose. Gemstone Data can provide you with the perfect consumer lists for telemarketing, and you can set a number of attributes — not just demographics and location, but also interests, buying habits and more.

How to use telemarketing phone lists effectively
The best telemarketers are those who have stuck with it despite getting told “no” more than “yes.” But there’s more to it than that. You’ll get many more leads from using your telemarketing phone lists if you:

● Figure out prospect’s “pain points.” Know how your product or service can solve their problems, and they’ll be more likely to keep listening!
● Learn to anticipate common objections and be ready to respond to them. Sure, you have to spend time developing an effective script in the first place (and make sure your callers speak normally, and not as though they are reading!). But it makes sense to prepare good answers for the most common questions your prospects have. Even if they are objecting, at least they’re still talking — and that gives you a chance to win them over.
● Use an upbeat, positive tone of voice, and keep the call positive from the start. Doing so makes it more likely that the prospect will engage with you and stay on the line.
● Ask the prospect some good questions. This way, you won’t be the only one talking, and you’ll learn more about your prospects.

If you need to build your customer base and build your lead lists,and would like to find out more about B2C telemarketing, get in touch with Gemstone Data today! As your consumer marketing phone number list providers, we can supply you with a multitude of quality leads. Give us a call at (888) 267-4321 or complete the form below to get started!