June 27, 2023

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Your Complete Solution for Solar Lead Generation

Gemstone Data is revolutionizing the solar industry with our advanced data portal, a go-to resource for solar companies seeking to expand their reach and increase their sales. Our innovative platform enables solar companies to create customized contact lists, including the neighbors of their latest installations, allowing for effective canvassing over the phone. With Gemstone Data, solar businesses can access prospects with the highest likelihood of purchasing solar, such as homeowners with swimming pools, equity in their homes, and a strong environmental inclination.

Gemstone Data goes beyond traditional lead generation services, offering an extensive range of solutions to meet the evolving needs of solar companies. In addition to our innovative data portal and customized prospecting lists, we also provide access to aged solar leads—homeowners who have recently shown interest in solar by going online in the last 30-90 days. Furthermore, our addressable geofencing capabilities empower solar companies to add multiple touch-points to their outbound campaigns, maximizing marketing efforts and increasing ROI by displaying targeted ads on the mobile devices of their leads.

Harness the Power of Canvassing Over the Phone

At Gemstone Data, we understand the value of neighborly connections in the solar industry. Many solar companies rely on our data portal to effortlessly generate contact lists comprising the neighbors of their most recent installations. This powerful feature enables solar businesses to leverage the trust and influence of existing customers to engage with potential leads in close proximity. By initiating phone canvassing campaigns with these neighbors, solar companies can effectively communicate the benefits of solar energy and convert them into satisfied customers.

Customize Your Prospecting Lists for Maximum Impact

Gemstone Data empowers solar companies to create prospecting lists tailored to their specific target audience. Our data portal allows customization based on various criteria, ensuring that solar businesses reach consumers with the highest propensity for solar adoption. With our intuitive interface, solar companies can identify homeowners with swimming pools, indicating a potential interest in energy-saving solutions. Additionally, by targeting homeowners with equity in their homes, solar companies can tap into a demographic that may be more inclined to invest in solar installations. Moreover, reaching out to environmentally conscious homeowners presents an opportunity to align solar solutions with their values, enhancing the chances of conversion.

Unlock the Potential of Aged Solar Leads

Gemstone Data understands that timing is crucial when it comes to solar sales. That's why we offer access to aged solar leads—homeowners who have demonstrated interest in solar within the past 30-90 days. These leads have actively gone online to explore solar options, indicating a higher likelihood of being receptive to solar offers. By accessing this valuable segment of potential customers, solar companies can tap into a pool of leads that are actively researching and considering solar installations, enhancing the chances of conversion.

Maximize Marketing Efforts with Addressable Geofencing

Gemstone Data takes solar lead generation to the next level with our advanced addressable geofencing technology. This powerful tool allows solar companies to add multiple touchpoints to their outbound campaigns, reinforcing their marketing message and increasing engagement. Through geofencing, solar businesses can define specific geographic areas, such as neighborhoods or zip codes, and display targeted ads on the mobile devices of potential leads within those areas. This multi-touch approach keeps the brand and its solar offerings top of mind, significantly boosting the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Increase ROI with Targeted Mobile Advertising

With Gemstone Data's addressable geofencing, solar companies can ensure that their marketing efforts are laser-focused and cost-effective. By displaying ads directly on the mobile devices of their leads, solar businesses can reach potential customers in a highly personalized and targeted manner. This not only increases brand visibility but also enhances the chances of conversion by delivering relevant and timely messages. By optimizing their marketing campaigns with targeted mobile advertising, solar companies can maximize their ROI and achieve a higher return on their marketing investment.

Maximize Your Solar Sales Potential Today

Unlock the full potential of your solar business with Gemstone Data's comprehensive lead generation solutions. Gain access to aged solar leads and leverage addressable geofencing to take your outbound campaigns to new heights. Contact us today and let our expertise and cutting-edge technology drive your solar business to unprecedented success. Together, let's revolutionize the way you generate solar leads and accelerate your growth in the industry.

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