March 20, 2017

Business Database


Over 27 Million Phone Verified Businesses

Does your company sell its product or services to other businesses? Do you find it difficult and time-consuming to get through corporate hierarchies and find the decision-makers you need to speak with? If so, an up-to-date US business database is a must.

Unlike the B2C realm, where you have a better chance of getting qualified leads from an "opt-in to our email list” button on your website or social media page, generating B2C leads is a little different: The decision-makers you need to reach might never engage with you on social media. And even if you know which companies could benefit from your products or services, it can be very time-consuming and difficult to work your way through the company hierarchy to find out who your contact should be.

A database of US businesses simplifies the process considerably. With the ability to sort by criteria such as industry, number of employees, and specific job titles, you can find the specific point of contact you need at the businesses that have the most to gain from your products or services. That makes quality lead generation a much easier prospect!

Once you know the names and contact information of the individuals you need to speak with, you can do a much more effective job of marketing to those individuals and their companies. Our US business database helps you generate high quality sales leads who are the most likely to need your product or service, and who have the decision-making capacity to establish a business relationship with your company.

The importance of accuracy
The average worker spends 5 years or less in each job he or she has, so it’s very easy for a US business database to quickly become outdated. Thus, many companies who sell databases of US companies are actually selling data that is no longer relevant -- even if it’s only a year old. It’s important to be sure that the database you buy is kept up-to-date.

With quarterly updating, Gemstone Data makes sure our database is as accurate as possible. The accurate and timely data we offer give you a very high likelihood of being able to reach the decision-makers who can benefit from what your company has to offer.

What can a US business database be used for?
When you have the correct contact information for the decision-makers you need to reach, you can craft telemarketing or email marketing campaigns that are more likely to get them to take action. You can increase your engagement with these important sales leads, and find out more about their needs so you know how to address them, craft marketing efforts that really work, and close the deal.

Maximize your business-to-business marketing efforts with Gemstone Data's business database. This highly accurate US company database has over 27 million phone verified businesses and is updated quarterly.
● Reach specific businesses using attributes such as employee size, sales volume, credit score code, and industry by either SIC code or NAICS code.
● Search from over 50 specific job titles.
● Over 2,100 unique franchises are available.

You know your business, and you know which job titles your contacts are most likely to have. Using Gemstone Data’s US business database gives you the opportunity to find new contacts with the same job title in the industry or industries you serve. This kind of targeting puts you in touch with the right individual or the right department right from the start, increasing your odds of success.

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