March 5, 2019

Shoreline Financial Group

Exclusive Pricing for Shoreline Financial Group!

Prospecting and keeping your sales pipeline flowing with new leads is a critical element in growing your agency, and our goal is to help each agent with Shoreline Financial Group grow their business by providing the most accurate and targeted marketing lists available! Agents can login to our web-based data portal and create their own customized lists from hundreds of selects to choose from, including prospects turning 65, and download your direct mail and telemarketing lists in real-time.

Gemstone Data offers discounted pricing exclusively for agents with Shoreline Financial Group! We offer both one-time-purchase data blocks, as well as monthly data subscriptions, to help meet the direct marketing needs of all Shoreline Financial Group Agents!

Data Block

2,500 Prospects – Regular price: 10 cents each, Shoreline price: 6 cents each

5,000 Prospects – Regular price: 8 cents each, Shoreline price: 5 cents each

10,000 Prospects – Regular price: 6 cents each, Shoreline price: 4 cents each

Monthly Subscription

2,500 Prospects/month – $75/month *Exclusive to Shoreline

5,000 Prospects/month – Regular price: $299/month, Shoreline price: $125/month

10,000 Prospects/month – Regular price: $399/month, Shoreline price: $199/month


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