July 15, 2019

Geofence Marketing

What is Geofence Marketing?

Geofence Marketing allows companies to create virtual boundaries, or geofences, around any location, and display ads to the prospects that enter into those geofences. Companies can create geofences anywhere, such as competitor locations, event centers, retail locations, residential neighborhoods, or even their own locations to promote customer loyalty. Companies can also use Household Geofencing to target specific households, which is a great way to re-engage your previous clients and sales leads. While geofence marketing has actually been around for a while, Gemstone Data is offering advertisers and direct marketers a new world of possibilities by providing geofence data that can be used for direct mail, telemarketing, and email marketing. Gemstone Data is taking direct marketing to a whole new level, and now you can reach prospects based on their location and behavioral intent!

Both online and offline conversions can be tracked and measured with our geofencing services. You will know how effective your geofence campaigns are by tracking performance such as foot traffic to your physical location, inbound phone calls, form submissions, and video plays.

Geofence data is the future of direct marketing, and now the time to get started!

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