January 3, 2018

Telemarketing Lists for Sale

If you’re interested in finding a way to expand your marketing strategy or your geographical reach in a cost-effective manner, our telemarketing data lists may be the solution you’ve been seeking. We have access to millions of leads that can be sorted by attributes you choose to create a customized database that’s extremely targeted and perfect for your needs.

Why telemarketing, and how can I use this marketing tool most effectively?
Telemarketing is an effective way to gauge interest in your products or services, and it also gives you a chance to interact with leads about their wants, needs and how you can help. But to get the best results from your telemarketing campaigns, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:
● Make sure your callers speak naturally and in a friendly, positive tone — not as if they are reading from a script. They should know the script so well that they can paraphrase its main points.
● Anticipate the prospect’s objections and have answers ready. Cold calling gives you an opportunity to find out what roadblocks might be standing in the way of people in your target demographics purchasing your product or service, and to answer their objections so those roadblocks are removed.
● Don’t do all the talking: Ask questions so the prospect is engaged and the call is more of a conversation. You’ll learn more about your prospect’s problems, wants and needs, and how your business can help.

Telemarketing is a direct marketing method that, done well, has a high ROI. It produces measurable results because you can easily track which of your sales leads were generated through your telemarketing efforts. And because you can call prospects anywhere in the country, you can greatly increase your company’s geographical reach. Whether you are involved in B2B or B2C sales, telemarketing should be a part of your overall lead generation strategy.

Work smarter with more targeted lead lists
Telemarketing works best when you know as much as possible about the prospects that are most likely to purchase your product or service. After all, targeting your phone call lists means that you’re not wasting your time (and the prospect’s) with a call that’s not addressing the right audience!

Gemstone Data offers customized telemarketing data lists for sale that can get you in touch with quality prospects that fit your precise criteria. With hundreds of attributes to choose from, such as demographics, buying habits, investments, ethnicity, interests and more, you’ll get a qualified telemarketing phone list that contains exactly what you need for lead generation. You’ll have a lot of information to work with going into the call, and can more effectively use your cold calling to learn even more about your prospects and generate warm sales leads.

Let Gemstone Data be your B2B or B2C phone marketing list, provider. Contact us today to learn more, or to get started refining your own telemarketing database! Simply call (888) 267-4321 or complete the form below to get started.