September 5, 2018

Telemarketing Lists for B2B and B2C

If your business uses telemarketing to generate new sales leads, Gemstone Data can provide you with highly accurate and up-to-date telemarketing lists.

When it is done well, telemarketing offers several advantages including a good ROI, the chance to hear customer concerns and address them, and an opportunity to engage with your prospects as well as existing customers. You can increase your success with telemarketing by:

  • Targeting the specific segments of your prospects who are most likely to benefit from the product or service you are calling about.
  • Speaking naturally — not like you’re reading from a script.
  • Keeping the tone of your voice positive and upbeat.
  • Anticipating objections that the prospect might raise about your product or service and having ready answers.

Effective telemarketing helps you not only generate new warm sales leads, but also make a pleasant impression on your audience, strengthen brand loyalty, and learn more about the needs of your target market. You’ll find yourself honing your telemarketing strategies as you learn more about what works with the demographics you serve.

Contact Gemstone Data today for B2B or B2C email lists, email marketing campaign deployment services, telemarketing lists, or our highly accurate and frequently updated US business database. With data for millions of consumers and businesses, we have all the contacts you need to become a better email or phone marketer and generate high quality leads!

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